Wild vs. farm salmon: Which is best?

NEW YORK (CNN) – The American Heart Association recommends we eat oily fish like salmon twice a week for its heart healthy benefits. What is best for us, wild or farm raised salmon?

When you shop for salmon you may find you’ve got a choice between farm raised and wild.  Which should you buy?  First thing to know, both are healthy.

“They are really high in omega 3 fatty acids; those are the really good fats.  It’s also very high in protein and high quality protein and relative low in saturated fat,” said Dr. Sharon Bergquist of the Emory School of Medicine.

About 10 years ago studies found farm raised salmon contained more contaminants than the wild due to run off from the fish pens as well as chemical pollutants in the feed.  But that is not so much the case now.

“In the past decade that gap has been closed largely because of improvements in farming techniques as well as improvements in the feed salmon are given,” said Dr. Bergquist.

Water pollution can affect all salmon, but you can help protect yourself by the way you cook. Start by:

“Removing the skin, and removing as much fat as you can.  And then grilling or broiling to let that fat run off cuz those pollutants are stored in the fat of the fish,” said Dr. Bergquist.

Whether you choose farm or wild salmon health experts say you are doing your heart a favor.

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