Where addicts get their painkillers

courtesy: mgnonline.com

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Painkillers start out as a good thing, but can easily become addictive; when the prescription runs out, people aren’t going to a drug dealer to get more. 22News found out how they’re getting the pills.

When people want heroin or cocaine, they go to a drug dealer. When they want prescription pills, turns out, they go to the doctor for more.

A new government study found more than a quarter of people abused painkillers said they had doctors write them a prescription. They went from doctor to doctor to get more.

Just as many said they got them for free from family and friends who had leftovers. The study is being used to urge doctors to think twice before prescribing more.

Marion Butler of Northampton told 22News, “It doesn’t surprise me. No it doesn’t. It really doesn’t. Because once you get hooked on that stuff, it’s like where it’s at; you’re going to go get it.”

If you have leftover prescription painkillers at your house, the FDA recommends crushing them up and mixing them with coffee grinds before throwing them in the trash. Here are more recommendations from the FDA.

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