Warning for underage students using fake IDs

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Spring Break is just a couple weeks away for a lot of college students. 22News is working for you with a warning for underage students headed to Florida.

For many students, Spring Break is a time to sit on the beach, drink and party. However, using a fake ID to drink in Florida could ruin the whole week.

22News called the Miami Police Department, who said that if someone looks underage or their ID looks fake, the bouncer at a bar will call the police. That can lead to an arrest and potentially jail time.

Students told 22News they didn’t think that risk will faze kids from using fakes.

“People will still try. People will probably get in trouble but they’ll definitely still try. I mean they have fake IDs for a reason, you know? They want to go to the bars and stuff. They’re going to use it no matter what,” said freshman student Jamie Clement.

At many bars and liquor stores in Massachusetts, they simply take the fake ID away from the person, but that doesn’t usually lead to jail time.

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