Partnership brings Mass. colleges together

BOSTON (WWLP) – State colleges and universities want to work together as partners; a partnership that at least one western Massachusetts college president believes will save students both time and money.

The program is called the Partnership to Advance Collaboration and Efficiencies, or PACE, and it’s aimed to bring colleges and universities together to provide more resources and lower costs.

PACE’s executive director, college presidents and state officials met to discuss the benefits of bringing colleges and universities together to drive costs down. Their most popular initiative have been toward technology, and they hope that by collaborating with other schools in the state, it will lower costs on computer hardware and software.

Holyoke Community College President William Messner said that students have shown support for the program. He believes the savings won’t just help the schools; it could also benefit the students.

“If we can save money, hopefully those savings we can use to improve educational services, we can pass those savings along to students by keeping tuition and fees at a lower rate,” Messner said.

PACE hopes to also create a “Help Desk” that would provide students and faculty that need computer assistance with 24-7 support.

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