“Meteorological spring” is already here

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Spring doesn’t officially begin for 17 days, but the meteorologists say it’s already here; in fact, “meteorological spring” started March 1st.

Rather than starting seasons based on the alignment of the sun, meteorologists base seasons on temperature cycles and the calendar.

This means spring includes all of March, April and May, summer begins in June through July and into August. September through November is autumn and winter runs December through February.

So while meteorologists call it spring now, many people can’t wait for it to actually feel like it.

“I can’t wait for personal reasons, not only business, but family as well, bringing my family out,” said Jason Blair of Springfield. “It’s too cold to do anything right now.”

Separating the seasons by whole months also makes it easier to make measurements and comparisons between seasons.

Astronomical spring doesn’t start until March 20th when the sun passes directly over the equator and our days and nights are roughly the same length.

Even if meteorologists believe it’s spring now, it certainly doesn’t feel like it.

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