Do robin sightings mean spring is near?

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Many people have been writing to 22News, asking about why they have seen robins so early this year. Now, most people think that robin sightings mean spring is around the corner.

The truth is not all robins migrate. Some robins migrate from Canada and northern New England to western Massachusetts, whereas others don’t migrate at all and stay right here through the winter seasons.

The numbers of robins that stay, depend on the severity of the weather and the food supply. Robins will actually grow more feathers in the fall to keep warm during the winter months.

Robins feed on berries, bread, apples, and raisins, so you usually won’t find them at your bird feeder. You can leave bread and fruit out for the robins, but the squirrels usually get to the good stuff first.

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