Capacity limit has people waiting outside RMV

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Most people prepare themselves to wait a while at the Registry of Motor Vehicles, but usually not outdoors in the cold. Yet that is what’s going on at the Chicopee RMV, and people are not happy.

Steve Webb, the Western District Manager for the Registry of Motor Vehicles told 22News that they are short staffed in their Springfield, Chicopee, and Easthampton branches right now, and that is contributing to long lines out the door.

Some of the people who were waiting in the cold around noontime Monday had come to the Chicopee RMV branch after deciding not to wait at the larger Springfield branch. Sonia Manning of Springfield was one of those who was out waiting in line.

“It’s awful. It’s cold outside here. People have their business, their lives to go about. We shouldn’t have to be waiting in the cold, we’re taxpayers. We shouldn’t have to be waiting in the cold like this,” Manning said. “It’s awful. Something needs to be done.”

Another reason for the wait is the maximum capacity of the building. For safety reasons, only 24 people can be inside the Chicopee Street building at a time. Fire Chief Stephen Burkott told 22News that they became involved last week after receiving complaints about overcrowding. The department went in along with the building code inspector, and the RMV has since been enforcing the limit.

What could be more frustrating for people who need to go to the RMV is the fact that the posted wait times online only account for the wait once you are inside and have your ticket. Those who are waiting outside have not yet been able to get a ticket.

Department of Transportation Spokesman Michael Verseckes told 22News that they are reviewing the status of branch operations in Chicopee, Springfield and Easthampton. They encourage people to first go online and see if they can do their business without having to come into the branch. Click Here for more.

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