Lawrence’s Ayer Mill Clock gets a makeover

LAWRENCE, Mass. (AP) — Lawrence’s Ayer Mill Clock, touted as the largest mill clock in the world with a face just a foot smaller than Big Ben’s, is now brighter than ever.

Charles Waites, who has been the caretaker of the century-old clock for 20 years, recently enlisted the help of his son, Chris, to replace the old 16,400-watt metal halide bulbs with new 16,300-watt compact spiral fluorescent light bulbs. The wiring was also revamped.

Waites tells The Eagle-Tribune the new lights will last 10,000 hours, or up to four years. They are also more efficient, cutting the clock’s electricity bill by 80 percent.

The Ayer Mill, once part of the American Woolen Company, now houses the New Balance footwear company.

The Essex County Community Foundation oversees the care of the clock

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