A cold beginning to March

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – It seems the cold spell that’s been lingering here in western Massachusetts has carried over into March. Although some resident’s say they don’t mind the weather, others say they’re ready for some warmth.

As we wave farewell to February and move into March it seems it’s the cold weather isn’t quite ready to say goodbye.

Joseph Gratsy Jr. of East Springfield told 22News, “It’s like when is the whole snow storm thing going to stop? I’m tired of it being cold I mean it makes we want to move out to mass and go to a warmer climate.”

With the bitter cold temperatures in January followed by all the snow fall in February, some could say we’ve had a tough winter. Others say it’s all just part of living in the area.

“I live in New England I enjoy the different weather and stuff like that but you know it comes in patterns. You get cold days, you get warm days,” said Sean Mathers of East Hampton.

Although some residents told 22News they can’t wait for those warm days toll roll through, one man told us he actually likes the winter season.

“Winter gives you a chance to sit at home, do home stuff. It’s just part of the season, I love it, so I’m just looking forward to the next season that comes in,” said Gratsy.

The first day of spring is Thursday March 20th. But before then, weather experts predict at least one more big snow storm.

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