Residents fly South for the winter

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)- Massachusetts residents are escaping this bitter winter. 22news found out how  a local travel agency is benefiting from the cold and snow.

Residents in Illinois, New York, and Washington D.C also are trying to get away from the cold. A travel site did some research, and  found hotel bookings are up in warm-weather destinations. travel site found  a 7% jump over last year  in warm-weather hotel bookings by customers in northeastern states. The #1 factor in travel this the weather.

Debbie Wilcox, owner of Cruise and Travel Company in Turners Falls told 22News how the winter has affected their business. “We’ve had a lot of snow and it’s been really cold so we’ve had a lot of bookings to warm weather, warm climates.” The Cruise and Travel company said they’ve seen  a 40% increase in business this winter.

22News found the hot spot locations people would rather be this winter.”I’d probably go to Southern California to check out some beaches, go backpacking in the mountains, find some white sand or something, said Caitlin Lowry. Another resident told 22News they want to go further down south. Anthony Cappella said, “I kind of wish I was in Hawaii, you know where the sun is everything’s nice and stuff like that, it’s been a long cold winter.”

One resident told 22News they’d take any destination as long as it’s far away from the snow. “At this point if I could find a place that was 85 degrees and even if it had 100% humidity, no snow, no more of that stuff,” said AJ Saganich.

Not only was there an increase in bookings in warmer climates, but customers also stayed a little longer. Hotel bookings in Florida alone rose 3 percent in a four week period ending February 15.


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