“Car-killer” potholes in Westfield

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)- Smart drivers slow down on a bumpy stretch of Loomis Street in Westfield.  But if you don’t know what’s ahead, the potholes there can do some real damage to your car.

There’s a series of car-killing craters near a narrow bridge on Loomis Street, a side road about five minutes outside of downtown Westfield.

Marybeth Krol, who lives nearby, told 22News the potholes opened up about three weeks ago, and have been getting worse ever since.  She said it’s especially risky for unsuspecting drivers.

“I don’t typically go this way.  But I hear the cars hit them whenever they go over the bridge.  They don’t know they’re there.  And then they hit them, and it’s like a crash,” Krol said.

Kroll said she hopes the DPW puts a patching crew on Loomis Street soon, before these potholes damage more cars.

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