Aaron Hernandez legal troubles continue

BOSTON (AP) – Legal troubles continue to mount for former New England Patriots football player Aaron Hernandez with the filing of two wrongful death lawsuits.

The families of Daniel Abreu and Safrio Furtado filed two 6-million dollar lawsuits in a Massachusetts superior court on Wednesday. Both men were killed while sitting in their car when an SUV pulled up and someone inside opened fire in the summer of 2012.

Although Hernandez has not been charged in their deaths, police are investigating his possible involvement in the case. An attorney representing the families spoke about the lawsuits today.

“What the families of these two young men want is they want justice, they want the deaths of their sons to be the people responsible, the person responsible to be held accountable and I would submit that the evidence that has come out in the public sector as well as what’s known to these people and to us is that Aaron Hernandez was responsible for those killings, ” said attorney William T. Kennedy.

“They want more than anything for the deaths of their sons to matter and for the person that’s responsible for that to be held accountable and that’s why this complaint was brought at this time.”

Hernandez is currently being held without bail on murder and weapons charges in the June slaying of semi-professional football player, Odin Lloyd.  He has pleaded Not Guilty.

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