New trends in flu this season

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Flu season is still going strong even though winter is winding down.

Unlike most years, people over age 65 do not make up the majority of flu hospitalizations for this current flu season.

Flu season typically peaks in February, but this flu season has been slightly different.

It began its peak in January, but the numbers haven’t started dropping yet, so the peak has been sustained with no sign of going away.

Many people choose to get the flu vaccine to reduce their chances of getting ill.

“I don’t really want to get sick or anything like that just because it’s important. Health is the key,” said Amaury Rivera from Springfield.

Unlike most years, this flu season people aged 18-64 have had the most hospitalizations.

Normally those OVER-65 make up the majority of hospital visits.

Vaccinations might make the difference.

The 18-to-64 age range is the least vaccinated age group with just over one- third of people getting the flu shot, compared with almost two thirds of those over 65 years old.

Some skip the flu vaccine because it hasn’t worked for them in the past, but it still helps.

“You could have much more severe disease than those who do get the flu vaccine. Getting the flu vaccine this year is about 61 percent effective according to the CDC,” said Carol Wojnarowski, Infection Control Nurse at Holyoke Medical Center.

This is the lab at Holyoke Medical Center where they test for flu.

While peak flu- season continues, they are seeing fewer cases when compared to last year.

They’re expecting to start seeing fewer Flu cases in March, but right now it’s difficult to say exactly when this peak will end.

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