Mending broken hearts

(WFLA) Some of the most prestigious clinical heart disease trials in the world are happening right in the Tampa Bay area.

Morton Plant Hospital is participate in trials designed for heart failure patients.

Among the medical devices being tested is a dissolvable stent that many in the medical world believe will be a game changer in the way we treat coronary artery disease.

“For the last several months we were on of the first hospitals in the country to have access to this device,” said Dr. Patrick Cambier, a leading cardiologist at Morton Plant Hospital.

Another major study at Morton Plant involves a device to treat aortic stenosis called the parachute.

After a heart attack, many patients experience enlargement of the left ventricle, which can lead to patients feeling a shortness of breath. The parachute device offers a minimally invasive catheter-based treatment option to patients who are too weak to undergo open-heart surgery for aortic stenosis.

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