Controversy over Facebook photo of baby holding rifle

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WOODBRIDGE, Conn. (WTNH) – A report it photo from a viewer is sending shock waves across social media and the state Tuesday. The photo was snapped at a local gun store and it shows a bolt action rifle, resting on a baby’s lap.

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That picture of the sixth-month-old baby girl with the rifle in front of her was taken by her father at Woodbridge Firearms Trading Post. He and the store owner say it’s just a picture, others say it’s just wrong.

The baby girl is becoming very popular on social media. The picture of the baby with a rifle resting on her lap was sent in to News 8 through our Report It feature and many are reacting.

“She can’t even speak yet and she has a gun in her hand and it’s bizarre,” said Alexa Grose, Seymour.

Baby Genevieve without the gun, with her bottle and her dad, Christopher Duffy, met News 8′s Erin Logan at Woodbridge Firearms where Duffy bought the gun.

“The little one actually latched onto it when I first picked it up to see how heavy it was. It’s actually very light, to test the weight, so I just decided to take the picture,” said Duffy.

That picture, then posted by Duffy on Facebook, which then ended up on Woodbridge Firearms page putting a lot of people in a frenzy.

“Other people being upset about it? I don’t force their kids to do anything. I don’t force them to do anything,” said Duffy. “My hand was on it, the bolt was open, it was safety checked. I’m not sure how wide the picture is. She’s clearly in her seat just sitting up, one hand on the scope, one hand on the barrel.”

“It’s too much. It’s a very bold statement,” said Bryanna Wingate, New Haven.

Many viewers have sent their comments in saying pictures with kids and guns is just wrong.

“After everything that happened in Connecticut with Sandy Hook and everything that’s going on with the gun laws, why would you have your baby holding a gun…a big gun?” said Wingate.

Others say it’s just a picture.

“It’s nothing, I don’t know why that would bother people to be honest with you,” said Tom Wayland, Woodbridge.

The store’s owner says he too doesn’t have an issue with it.

“If someone wants to share something with the rest of the community, I have no problem posting it on the page,” said Mike Majewski, Co-owner.

News 8 went on the store’s Facebook page and noticed that picture and another one we saw earlier with a child holding a gun have since been taken down.

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