Army survey shows concern about women in combat

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – A new study is showing that people of both genders are hesitant about introducing women into military combat roles.

Last year, the Pentagon ordered that women must have the same opportunities to serve in combat roles as men.

Now, a new Army study found men in the military are worried that women would be allowed into combat roles even if they weren’t physically capable. The study also found that only 8% of Army women want combat jobs.

Brian Willette, a U.S. Army combat veteran told 22News that if the individual woman wants the combat job and feels she is capable, he has no doubt she’s able to do it.

“Our women in Afghanistan were especially busy being asked by the infantry units to go on female engagement teams, so many of them saw more combat patrols than some of the men,” Willette said.

He added that like any job, military jobs vary based on an individual’s skill set, rather than gender.

About one in five Army positions are considered combat-related, and thousands of combat roles for both genders are expected to be open in 2016.

There are currently no fitness requirements for serving in combat beyond the army’s standard physical fitness test for all soldiers.

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