Wood pellet shortage in the Northeast

If you own a wood pellet stove, chances are you’re having trouble finding fuel.

Those who own a wood pellet stove need wood pellets to produce heat, but finding them has proved nearly impossible because of a shortage in the Northeast.

At the Rocky’s in South Hadley, Store Manager Dewayne Kelly says they have been sold out for a week.

He has had three shipments delivered since last September and has sold three times more than last year.

Kelly says the consistent subzero temperatures across the country have made it difficult to keep up with the demand.

“So the weather throughout the whole nation is been worst,” Kelly said. “The manufacturers haven’t been able to make them fast enough. The warehouses keep running out of stock.”

None of the stores in Rocky’s chain have wood pellets available for sale. It’s unclear when they’ll receive their next shipment.

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