Snow and ice now could mean bugs later

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – All this snow and ice could be setting us up for a bug-infested spring.

Insects, like the carpenter ant and termites, thrive on moisture. If you have an ice dam that causes water to leak inside your home, you might get more bugs come spring.

With water in the walls, carpenter ants and termites could burrow into the wood; causing an expensive repair, yet there is a way to help reduce your chances of an insect invasion.

“The affordable way is to try to dry it out. A way you could: get a dehumidifier in there; get a fan in there in those areas that got wet. Drying them out is going to help,” said Bob Russell, an entomologist with American Pest Solutions.

If you don’t dry out the wet wood, Russell says you’ll have to replace it. Also, clearing snow from the base of the outside your home may prevent other bugs from being attracted to the moisture.

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