New high school for West Springfield students

The end of school vacation meant the start of a new learning experience for students at West Springfield High School.

The new high school opened Tuesday.

The halls echoed with “wow” and “oh my gosh” as students continued to discover new parts of this school.

For years, they watched it being built from the old high school next door.

Financial plans for the new school began in 2010 when the state determined it would be more cost effective to build a new facility than fix the outdated school.

It cost 107 million dollars.

The city of West Springfield is paying $38 million and the state covers the rest.

22News got a first glance at the theater, library, gym, indoor pool and open-concept cafeteria.

Mark Couture, a senior at the high school, says the new building is a great improvement.

“It’s awesome. Real huge upgrade from our last one. I feel like it’s a new beginning to a learning environment. It’s great,” Couture said.

There are several collaboration rooms with collapsible tables and chairs that allow students from different classes to teach each other throughout the day.

The old school will be knocked down next week and will be replaced with a parking lot.


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