Making school food options healthier

There’s a new national push to offer healthier food in schools.

“Really healthy foods? Some kids like it, some kids don’t,” said Nick Ferreira, a junior at West Springfield High School.

Whether they like it or not, students are noticing healthier school food options. The Department of Agriculture and First Lady Michelle Obama proposed banning unhealthy food ads, and the foods themselves, from schools. It’s all an effort to reduce childhood obesity in our country.

“I think it’s a good idea, but obviously you got to have food you like and it can’t all be healthy healthy,” said Rudi Spano, a sophomore at West Springfield High School.

Western Massachusetts schools have already made these changes. Springfield Central High Principal Thaddeus Tokarz told 22News the school eliminated vending machines altogether. West Springfield High School has already replaced unhealthy foods with healthier options in their vending machines. For example, they’ve replaced chips with baked chips and soda with water.

“Zero trans fats, low calorie, saturated fats are to a minimal but we’re trying to keep it healthier here in West Springfield,” Dario Nardi, West Springfield’s food service director, told 22News.

Some students told 22News the government shouldn’t determine what they eat.

“I think it should be up to the students. If they want it, then I feel like they should be possible,” said Angelanne West, a senior at West Springfield High School.

“I think those allow people to make more healthy choices because they offered food in them that was more healthy,” Isabella Russo, a junior at West Springfield High School, told 22News.

This announcement comes on the fourth anniversary of the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” campaign.

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