Let us know: Would you have drastic surgery to prevent cancer?

(WWLP) A new study suggests that women who test positive for the BRCA-1 gene, also known as the “breast cancer gene,” are also at a much higher risk for developing ovarian cancer. The study also found that women who test positive for the gene have an 80% reduced risk of developing ovarian cancer if they have their ovaries and fallopian tubes removed by the age of 35.

Such a procedure would result in infertility and immediate menopause, so NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman advises that women doing so consider banking their eggs before the procedure.

Tell us if you would want to know whether you were carrying the BRCA-1 gene, and if you tested positive, would you have the procedure? Vote in our poll, and leave your comments below. Your comments may be used in a story on 22News starting at 5 on Wednesday.

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