Cumberland Farms offers more than convenience in Westfield

A new kind of convenience store opened in Westfield. 22News found out how the new Cumberland Farms aims to be more than just “convenient” for the community. Cumberland Farms is trying to become more than a place to get gas and gum. They’re calling new stores, like this one in Westfield, “new concept” stores.

Now, the stores offer pizza, hot dogs and other hot foods all listed on a digital menu inside. The goal is to become a place where people can grab meals on-the-go, rather than just snacks like they would at other convenience stores. This store is located at 1134 Southampton Road, near Route 10 and Route 202.

Westfield residents told 22News it’s convenient because they don’t have to drive as far to get gas.

“Well, it’s fantastic to have a gas station on this side of town, but I think it’s great that they’re reaching out to different schools and organizations to help fundraise and get the word out,” said Jody Michalski, a teacher at White Oak School in Westfield.

Cumberland Farms is raising money for the White Oak School as part of the grand opening. For the first four weeks, ten cents from each hot cup of coffee sold will go to the school.

A Cumberland Farms spokesman told 22News each store in Massachusetts will slowly be renovated into this “new concept” style.

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