Students seeking more financial aid

BOSTON (WWLP) – College students from all over the state converged on Beacon Hill Monday, demanding more financial support from state lawmakers.

150 students from more than 30 colleges met at the State House to ask legislators for increased state financial aid.

Massachusetts is currently ranked 48th lowest in the nation when it comes to state-funded financial aid. With more and more students qualifying for financial aid in the state, the average grant has deceased significantly.

“Back in 1989, the MassGrant paid for 89% of the average tuition at a public college in Massachusetts. Today, it pays for 8% of it,” financial aid advocate Richard Doherty said.

The 81% drop prompted college students to ask lawmakers for a $10 million increase from last year’s $91 million. The Association of Independent Colleges and Universities said the average grant for need-based aid in the country is around $2,400, while in Massachusetts, it’s just over $600 per student.

The association says that the extra $10 million will help college students graduate faster and enter the workforce.

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