Snowed in!

(KNDU) What started as a fun weekend in the snow turned scary and tense for a Richland, Washington family after they got stuck in the mountains near Lake Wenatchee.

Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad and the two young kids had been having a great time of cross country skiing and sledding all President’s Day weekend in Chelan County. That Monday morning, instead of a couple inches of snow they woke up to feet of it. That is when they knew they were in for a longer trip than they had planned.

“I got up and looked out and came back with the report ‘We’ve got a problem,” said grandfather Paul Scott.

“If it was just the adults out there we could have made it. We would have slogged through, it would have taken us hours and hours but we could have made it,” added grandmother Pam Scott.

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