Risks of going to work while sick

New research shows an large number of Americans go to work even if they’re sick.  22news looks at why doctors say that while you’re sick, it’s a better idea to stay home.

And a recent survey found that one in four employed Americans always go to work when they’re sick.

Their top reasons given were to keep up a heavy workload, and because their boss expects them to.

The majority of those surveyed also said they would rather their sick co-workers stayed home until they were better.

“It depends, if you’re contagious you shouldn’t go, it’s not fair to the other employees.  If you’re physically capable of going and you want to go, go,” Dick Mclaughin, from Wilbraham, told 22News.

But one doctor told 22News giving a cold or flu to your co-workers is not the only concern.

“But really the biggest concern is if somebody has a relative at home that has diabetes or a heart problem or is elderly or has cancer, and if you transmit the virus to that person, the illness can be pretty significant,” Dr. Jeff Dickey, physician at Chicopee Medical Center in conjunction with Holyoke Medical Center, said.

Dr. Dickey said the other problem with getting your co-workers sick, is if several people at work get sick at the same time, office productivity goes down.

You can help protect yourself from whatever virus is going around your workplace by making sure you wash your hands as often as you can.  That will help eliminate spreading germs through handshakes or doorknobs.

You can also protect your self and others, by keeping your hands away from your nose and mouth, especially during flu season, and to always cover your cough.

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