Netflix and Comcast reach a deal to improve streaming quality

NEW YORK (CNN) – Cable giant Comcast says it will allow Netflix to connect directly to its broadband network. That means faster streaming for those who get video over the internet.

Quicker download speeds are just around the corner for Comcast and Netflix customers who want their “House of Cards” fix.

The political thriller, a signature Netflix show, is a big hit and a favorite of binge watchers who can catch up on a whole season in one weekend. House of cards was one reason that Netflix stock was the best performer in the S&P 500 last year.

The big news: Comcast, America’s largest cable company, confirms that it will allow Netflix to connect directly to its broadband network. The Wall Street Journal says Netflix will pay Comcast for the access and CNN Money confirmed with a source that a direct pipeline for Netflix has already been established.

It’s a big deal because Netflix traffic can sometimes be up to a third of all broadband traffic at any one time in the United States.

Internet service providers have wanted Netflix to pay them for bandwidth, the dispute apparently slowed Netflix speeds for customers of Verizon’s Fios by 14% earlier this year. Speeds for Comcast customers have also been sluggish.

The Netflix-Comcast deal has been in the works for months and according to a statement the deal is “already delivering an even better user experience to consumers, while allowing for future growth in Netflix traffic.”

So if you’re a Netflix binge-watcher, and a Comcast customer, you should be able to spend many long hours on the couch without annoying delays as you catch-up on your favorite series.

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