Governors get together

The Nation’s Governors are at the White House again today. They had dinner with President Obama last night as part of their winter conference.

Today, it’s back to the White House where the President will urge them to team up for what he calls a “year of action.”

The message for the White House today is to loosen the strings – Fewer rules, less regulation, so these governors can create jobs back home. “Our cooperation is vital to make sure that we’re doing right by the American people,” said President Barack Obama.

President Obama’s message when he speaks to the Nation’s Governors later this morning.

If Congress won’t act, then the White House will work with states directly to get things done. “I truly believe that the cure for what ails this country will come more from our nation’s state capitals than it ever will from our nation’s capital.” Governor Mike Pence, (R) Indiana.

Things like raising the minimum wage – already happening in Connecticut. “We did it on January 1st. We’re going to do it again next January 1st. We’re going to eventually get to $10.10,” said Governor Dan Malloy, (D) Connecticut.

But there’s real dissension on how washington can help create jobs back home. “This administration has a chance to be laser focused on job creation. We’re not doing that[.] Out in the real world you see Republican governors balancing their budgets and growing their economies,” said Governor Bobby Jindal, (R) Louisiana.

“Let’s let our states innovate and this economy will come roaring back,” said Governor Mike Pence, (R) Indiana.

Democrats say affordable health care will help employers create those jobs. “You can’t put dollars in to job creation if every year you’re cutting checks, small businesses, medium business, large for 17, 15, 18 percent increase in your health care,” said Governor Martin O’Malley, (D) Maryland.

President Obama is getting a bird’s eye view of what states are dealing with — The number one issue: putting Americans back to work.

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