100 million dollars spent on snow removal

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Massachusetts cities and towns have spent a lot of money on snow removal this winter. This season has cost the state of Massachusetts over 100 million dollars in snow and ice removal expenses.

The majority of that amount has come over the last month and a half which has been busy with winter weather. This is more than twice the 43 million dollars that’s been set aside for snow removal.

To put this into perspective, during that horrible winter of 2010-2011, we spent 106 million dollars, 6 million more than we have so far this winter.

People 22news spoke with still remember that winter three years ago as being much worse.

“This one was a little bit more tolerable several years ago, it had started earlier so the snow remained longer, remained on the ground a lot longer.”

Even though the snow removal budget has been spent, the state is allowed to spend more than the budget.

The transportation agency has now requested an additional 50 million dollars in funding for snow removal.

Don’t forget, winter doesn’t officially end until March 20th and we typically get another almost 9 inches of snow next month. We’ve even had some flurries on Monday.

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