The pros and cons of this warm-up

FLORENCE, Mass. (WWLP) – Creeks and streams were flowing a bit more than usual thanks to a welcome, but temporary thaw.

In Look Park in the Hampshire county village of Florence, runners, walkers and dog lovers took the opportunity to get outside and get things done before temperatures drop again.

For some, that meant more snow removal.

“It was easier, but it was heavier. Very heavy snow, so I had to get it off the roof of the house…The weather’s been cold. The warm weather was very delightful. Unfortunately we’ve got To go back to cold again,” said Loren Ball from Florence.

Some people made sure to take advantage of the warmth we had this weekend. Enjoying temperatures that haven’t been this warm since January 12th.

“I sat outside in the sun yesterday. I actually sat out in a sort of protected porch away from the wind and just sat in the sun and I can’t remember the last time that happened. It felt really good,” said Shawn Maclaren from Easthampton.

While the warmer temperatures have helped to reduce the size of our snow banks, it has made for some icy conditions at night and in the morning, plus it’s only going to be making our pothole problem worse.

All the water from melted snow will find its way into cracks and imperfections in the road.

As temperatures drop, that water will freeze and expand, making the cracks bigger and eventually creating more potholes, like we’ve had so much of this season.

“Haven’t seen potholes I’ve seen craters you know? What’s happening? Why are we having to face this kind of stuff? It’s dangerous! Dangerous for cars, dangerous for runners, dangerous for bikes. I don’t know why they’re not being fixed, but it’s a mess,” said Edward Schreiber from Easthampton.

Say goodbye to the 40s of this weekend, some days this week could be in the 20s according to our extended 22News Storm Team Forecast.

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