“Winter’s Tale”

Rated PG-13

129 Minutes

Colin Farrell, Jessica Brown Findley, Russell Crowe

CHICOPEE, Mass (WWLP) -I’m absolutely sure only the most incurable of romantics will enjoy sobbing their way through “Winter’s Tale”.

I was swept away by this mystical love story about a thief who was put on this earth to work miracles.

What a coincidence he chooses to burglarize the home of a wealthy New York family and surprises their lovely daughter

Their love affair wouldn’t have quite the same intensity if newcomer Jessica Brown Findley wasn’t doomed by a mysterious disease and if Colin Farrell wasn’t quite so infatuated with a beautiful  woman who doesn’t  have long to live.

A grim Russell Crowe keeps surfacing as Farrell’s demonic nemesis. A relationship that stretches the film’s timeline as a mystical fantasy.

So does the longevity of Farrell’s miraculous mission. How does he convince kindred spirit Jennifer Connelly, he’s been wandering New York City for 120 years on a mission of mercy?

In “Winter’s Tale” everything is possible. That’s the charm of this beautifully produced, extravagantly romantic make believe, a film that just sweeps you up and has you saying give “Winter’s Tale” three stars.

It worked for me and who knows it just might work for you.

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