“Endless Love”


104 minutes

Gabriella Wilde, Alex Petyffer, Bruce Greenwood

Why does Hollywood re-make so many dreadful movies that had no right being made in the first place? “Endless Love” is one long cliché about the guy from the wrong side of the tracks, whose not good enough for rich daddy’s little girl.

Newcomer Gabriella Wilde is no bargain with her plastic performance,And Alex Petyffer looks a bit old to be playing a teenager. Bruce Greenwood deserves a commendation for rising above the ludicrous plot. Greenwood gives a solid performance in spite of the company he keeps on screen.

What is this obsession Hollywood has with re-making R-rated movies from the 1980s and watering them down to a PG-13?

“Endless Love” has enough headaches with its tiresome lot and lovers desperately in need of connecting with the most basic chemistry.

What can I say? “Endless Love” makes it possible to come up with a list of the ten worst movies every year. For that i thank the producers.

Disappointed fans of mushy love stories should be grateful this stinker gets just one star.

Going forward, the best we can hope for is that “endless love” won’t be re-made for another thirty years.

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