Gov. would prefer different policy

BOSTON (SHNS) – Gov. Deval Patrick defended the state’s medical marijuana licensure process and indicated that he is not a fan of the new policy – set into law by voters in 2012.

“This is not what I would have preferred for the Commonwealth,” Patrick said when asked how he voted. Based on Ethics Commission filings, the Boston Globe reported Department of Public Health Commissioner Cheryl Bartlett had held fundraisers for former Congressman Bill Delahunt, whose medical marijuana business was given provisional approval. “She followed all the rules and had nothing to do with the decision,” Patrick said on WGBH.

He said the “transparent” process includes nine additional steps before a license is awarded, including verifying information submitted on applications. “If somebody lied on their application, they’re not going to get a license,” Patrick said, predicting a successful vetting process and rejecting the notion of restarting the process. “I think the public should relax,” Patrick said.

He said, “There are going to be sour grapes. There are going to be people dropping dimes.”

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