Controversial video shows former principal dragging student

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Bridgeport, Conn. (WTNH) – Video released Friday showed a former Bridgeport principal dragging a five-year old student multiple times across the floor at Jettie Tisdale Elementary School.

The incidents took place in 2012.

Carmen Perez Dickinson can be seen dragging a female student down hallways, first by what appears to be the back of her shirt and then by her leg. The video also shows Perez-Dickinson dragging the student by the hood of her sweatshirt.

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The video was released by the student’s mother, Nakeya Hargrove, who asked that her daughter’s face be blurred out.

After a board meeting, Dickinson was placed on six months’ administrative leave but could be eligible to return to another administrative role, such as principal.

“We felt that it warranted termination.  The board felt otherwise,” said Sandra Kase, Chief Administrative Officer of Bridgeport Schools. “I still cringe when I see [the video.]”

“My daughter was dragged like she was some kind of animal,” said Hargrove.

Hargrove also said that she found out about the video from a Department of Children and Families (DCF) worker in the summer of 2012. But it happened in March, and her daughter was afraid to go to school.

“Who in their right mind would let a principal go back to school and be a principal again?” she said.

“It’s been crazy,” Hargrove said. “I didn’t think she’d get over on this after seeing the videos.”

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