Calling in the professionals to clear snow off your roof

PALMER, Mass. (WWLP) –  In Palmer Friday workers from Energy Savers of America were busy removing the snow from the roof of a home on Boston Road.

You may be better off calling in the professionals than trying to do it yourself.

“You can damage the roof and what we saw three years ago when we saw that big episode where everybody was up there shoveling their roofs they were shoveling the wrong way, they were breaking shingles rubber roofs were being torn,” said Joe Gulluni owner of Energy Savers of America.

And when you’re clearing the snow off a roof safety is very important.

“We always tie up with the safety harnesses to help in case there is an accident we don’t want to fall off and get hurt you never know what’s buried in the snow that your dumping down. People have lawn ornaments, picket fences. Stuff gets buried and if you fall on it you can seriously get hurt,” said  Ron Ouimet of Energy Savers of America.

In addition to clearing the roof it’s important to get rid of any ice dams that form. The ice can make it underneath your shingles and water can get inside your home.

Using calcium on the ice will cause it to melt very quickly and you won’t have to chop the ice up and risk damaging your shingles or your gutters.

Also roofs with a strong pitch can with stand the weight of the snow much better than roofs with a small pitch or flat roofs.

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