Beef prices to rise 10% by the summer

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Meat lovers may soon have a beef, with beef.

Prices of the popular meat are climbing; rising about 5% last year. They are projected to increase 10% by the summer.

People are paying an average of $3.50 a pound for ground beef, and even more locally.

It is a trend that is giving consumers sticker shock, and the USDA says the prices are here to stay. As for the reasons why: higher corn prices have led to smaller cattle herds, plus more areas of the country are experiencing a drought.

22News asked Gary Golec, owner of Serio’s Market in Northampton, what it means for him and his customers.

“Unfortunately it’s the price of doing business. If there’s a legitimate reason for it to go up, then it’s going to go up and the consumers have to pay for it in the end,” Golec said.

Experts say that the best thing you can do to fight the high prices is to check with your meat counter clerk to find out when items go on sale, and look for coupons.

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