Snow and rain may cause some roof collapses

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – In the eastern part of the state three cows were killed after the roof of a barn collapsed at a Framingham farm due to the weight of the snow.

Now with warmer temperatures the snow is heavier and that is helping to increase the weight of the snow on your roof.

Fortunately it is melting away but some rain in the forecast will add more weight to the snow.

“Roofs, decks due the 2 feet of snow we’ve had in the recent weeks actually literally two weeks… with the warmer weather it’s going to multiply that tonnage exponentially,” said Paul Boscher of Westfield.

With all the snow we’ve had this winter people are making an effort to clear it off their roofs.

“We were just going to call our roof man today because 2 years ago we had our house all the dams back up the ice dams in the gutters we had lots of damage $12,000 worth of damage in our home so yes I am concerned,” said Stephanie Desouza of Trumbul, Conn.

“We’ve been out it feels like 10 times a week clearing the driveway and walkway and roof and we have an older roof so it’s definitely been a concern this year,” said Hilary Smiley of Framingham.

The sunshine and milder weather on Thursday did allow some people to get outside and remove some of that snow from their roofs.

Buildings that are most at risk of a roof collapse are older ones that may be structurally deficient and those with flat roofs.

Also be careful of icicles hanging from roofs. With the warmer temperatures a lot of them are melting and falling and they could injure you if one hits you.

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