Shoe bomb alert linked to al Qaeda

NEW YORK (CNN) – A US official says it’s a credible threat tied to Al Qaeda, which has never given up its intent to attack the US again.

There is no specific target, but the assessment is Al Qaeda will try to place a shoe bomb on an airline bound for the US.

One suspect: Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, headquartered in Yemen.

“Al-Qaeda and Yemen have a master bomb mater Ibrahim Al-Asiri in their ranks who is still at large. Now this is the guy who was responsible for several of the attempts on US aviation in the last few years. He’s ingenious at making bombs, he’s constantly trying to come up with new ways to get past airport security,” said Paul Cruickshank, CNN Terrorism Analyst.

While some in the administration describe the threat as “aspirational,” a desire to attack, this US official tells CNN the TSA would not have take the steps to warn the airlines unless the threat was real.

The official telling CNN this threat may represent a renewed effort by Al Qaeda, “this is not just some flip comment on the part of a bad guy”

One big worry, Al Qaeda has developed some new type of hard to detect bomb that can be hidden in shoes. Screening technology couldn’t detect the explosives and the bomb might have little or no metal content

US officials also confirm there are a small number of American citizens in Yemen with Al Qaeda with American passports they could readily re-enter the US.

The US believes it knows exactly where the threat is coming from but after that officials will say little. This comes of course as there is growing concern about Americans with Al Qaeda on several fronts in Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan and Syria.

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