Late to work? Excuses and consequences

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – We’ve all been there; running a little late to work. 22News looks at a new survey that found some of the wildest excuses for being late, and how many bosses fired their staff for it.

“There’s always like, my car is not working, or, one time my excuse was my dog threw up and I had to clean it up,” Meaghan Paris, from Springfield told 22News about an incident that made her an hour late to work.

A new survey by career builder said more than 20 percent of employees admit they’ve been late to work at least once a month.  And that same survey revealed more than 30 percent of employers have fired someone for being late.

The survey found the most common excuse people give for showing up late to work is the weather.  With all this snow we’ve been getting in Western Massachusetts, it’s one excuse people here can really relate to.

“Well I couldn’t get out of the garage because I was snowed in, or the bottom of my garage door was so frozen I couldn’t open it to get my car out,” Georgia Briggs, from Springfield, told 22News about some of the excuses she’s heard before.

Traffic is another popular excuse, but not all excuses are as conventional.

Some of the wildest excuses that topped the survey’s list were a zebra was running down the highway, an employee thought Halloween was a work holiday, and the accidental mix-up of superglue and contact lens solution.

But for some co-workers who don’t like picking of the late-comers slack, no excuse is a good enough one.

“Some people come up with ideas, some people tell the truth, but you can always get to work, there’s always a way to work,” Willy Garner, from Springfield, said.

Nearly half of the surveyed employers said they expect their staff to on time to work everyday.

About 30 percent said they let employees be late every once in while, as long is it doesn’t become a habit.

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