Friends, family cheer Kacey Bellamy in Westfield

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It was a game that certainly lived up to the hype.

A gold medal hockey game that featured two rivals, and a local hockey hero.

IIn the end, it was a silver medal for team USA. A tough loss in a game that kept everyone on the edge of their seat.

But Kacey proved you dont have to win a gold medal to be the golden child of a city.

“Someone who’s lived in Westfield their whole life is over in Sochi right now, in the Olympics, going for gold. What a moment in time,” said Jeanine Braceland, Kacey’s Cousin.

Half a world away from Sochi Russia, dozens of Kacey’s family and friends, draped in red white and blue, were glued to the TV’s at the Tavern Restaurant for the colossal hockey rivalry.

Kacey Bellamy, number 22, born and raised in Westfield, it was her second Olympics and her second shot at gold.

Team USA was defeated by a final score of 3-2, but Kacey left it all on the ice.

Lindsey Bellamy is Kacey’s Sister, she wanted to send a message to Kacey.

“I love you so much and I’m proud of you. Still, even winning the silver medal is an honor and you should still be proud of yourself.”

And even though her dream of Olympic gold fell one goal short, she lived up to her goal of inspiring her family.

“She has a great personality and she’s really fun and she’s just a great cousin,”said Shea Braceland, Kacey’s little Cousin.

It’s been the journey of a lifetime for Kacey.

Russian president Vladimir Putin tapped her on her shoulder on her first day in Sochi. And she’s been keeping in touch with family and friends through texting.

Supporters were also cheering on number 16 Kelly Stack, who Kacey introduced to her future fiancé.

From humble beginnings…Kacey Bellamy, a Westfield resident, is now a two-time Olympian silver medalist.

“They’re going to be devastated, they wanted the gold. Before Kelly left she said, I want the gold, but looking back on it. She’s on the second best hockey team in the whole world, so she’s gotta be proud of herself,” said Kristin Jachym, Westfield

Kacey will turn 30 in 4 years. That’s when the next winter Olympics will be held.

Her family doesn’t know if she’ll compete. But they told 22News, they hope she does.


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