Falling ice dangerous for drivers

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – We finally have a break from the bitter cold. That means melting snow on roofs and highway overpasses. But it re-freezes at night, forming icicles along the edges.

Drivers told 22News between watching out for falling ice and dealing with slippery roads, driving this time of the year is a challenge.

“I try to stay back at least a car length behind, so I don’t get hit with anything,” said Jeff Sorel of Ware. “Worried about another car slipping on black ice or something and colliding with me on the other side.”

If a falling icicle or a flying ice chunk cracks your windshield, most Massachusetts drivers will not have to pay to fix it.

If you have “comprehensive auto insurance coverage”, you’re fully covered. If you opted out, you’ll have to pay some deductible.

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