Commander of State Police talks to WNEU about Boston Marathon

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It was one of the worst crime’s he’d ever investigated. The commander of the Massachusetts State Police recounted the Boston Marathon Bombings Thursday night at Western New England University.

Colonel Timothy Alben talked the role state and local police play in addressing terrorism that day, and what bystanders can do to help in the future.

Event Organizers Alben’s message had a big impact on students and staff.

“One of the important messages we’ve heard from Colonel Alben is the vigilance that we need to practice as citizens of the free country,” said John Claffey, Sociology and Criminal Justice Chairmen.

A Holyoke native who now lives in East Longmeadow, Col Alben urges citizens to always be alert. He says the information victims and bystanders recalled ultimately played a big role in the identification of the two suspects.

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