Stimulating Stimulus

(NBC News) This week marks the five year anniversary of the controversial American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

The roughly 800 billion dollar bill was intended to put millions of Americans back to work, but Americans still call the economy a number one concern.

In a new Gallop Poll one in four Americans called the economy and jobs the country’s number one problem.

That’s up from January, and it has some people questioning whether the stimulus plan did its job.

Flash back five years to President Obama, just one month in office – signing the stimulus into law. “The beginning of what we need to do to create jobs for American scrambling in the wake of layoffs,” said the President

Now, the white house is celebrating its success rounding up Mayors to speak in an official video. “It stopped the hemorrhaging. It gave us hope. It put people back to work.” Mayor Joseph Riley/ (D) Charleston, South Carolina

This White House report says the stimulus created one-point-six million jobs a year for four years and avoided a second great depression, but much of America still calls the economy and unemployment their top concern. “There’s so many obstacles and things to go through — to just survive everyday,” said Faye Homed, Silver Spring, Maryland.

“I think people expected a bit of an upturn and its been quite the opposite,” said Edward Garrett/ McLean, Virginia

Republicans are attacking the act which was passed despite their objections House Speaker John Boehner is calling it, “…a classic case of big promises and big spending with little results…”

Republicans say five years since the act. Wages are down and prices are up, admitting it’s no wonder why Americans lack confidence in the economy.

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