Out with the old wood stoves…in with the new

WHATELY, Mass. (WWLP)- If you have an older wood burning stove, you could be eligible for a rebate to trade it in for a new one. 22News found out the details behind a state wide program that could help you save money.

This is the second year of the Commonwealth’s Woodstove change out program. It helps residents replace their inefficient older wood stoves for healthier, higher efficiency models.

Governor Patrick is encouraging residents and businesses to get involved in clean energy. The administration is committing up to 1 million dollars for a wood stove change out program. It allows people to trade in their outdated wood stoves for vouchers to use toward purchasing a new, more efficient one.

The first step is verifying your current wood stove model Manager at The Fire Place in Whately told 22news some things to look for when considering the trade it program. “Basically if it’s older than 1988 or so, it’s probably not efficient. If it doesn’t have any secondary re-burns…., if it’s not UL listed or doesn’t have a plate on the back.. if it doesn’t have any of those it’s probably not a newer EPA efficient stove.”

Rebate vouchers are based on income as well. The CEO of the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, Alicia Barton, said, “We also have a tiered rebate system. So low income individuals would be eligible for a greater rebate. We ask for verification of that status as part of the application.”

Vouchers range from 7 hundred and 50 dollars to 2 thousand dollars. And you must certify that you will use the voucher toward purchasing an EPA approved model. Not only are the newer wood burning stoves friendlier for your pockets, they’re also better for the environment.

Rick Sullivan, Secretary of Massachusetts Environmental and Energy Affairs told 22News some advantages of new wood stoves. “The new stoves are much more efficient than the ones that were built pre 1990. They use half as much to a third less wood, and they are twice as efficient. They also produce 70% less particulate pollution.” Air pollution is associated with respiratory health conditions, such as asthma.

A lot of people in Western Massachusetts took advantage of the last change-out program. The 1 million dollar fund was depleted in a few days.  The “Fire Place” in Whately redeemed the most vouchers of any retailer in state last year.

For more information on the program and how to trade in your old wood stove visit Massachusetts Clean Energy Center.

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