Airliner turbulence has some people concerned

Generic photo of an airplane

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – It was a scary experience for passengers onboard a United Airlines flight headed to Montana Tuesday morning.

For many, plane trouble thousands of feet in the air is their biggest fear. That nightmare came true for 114 passengers on the United Airlines flight.

As the flight, from Denver, began its descent to Billings, Montana; it dropped violently in the air. Five people were injured. An infant was flown from its seat, landing two rows away. One passenger hit her head so hard that the ceiling panel cracked.

At Bradley International Airport, passengers told 22News they try not to think of those dangers when they’re about to fly.

Kerry Dolan of New York said, “We can’t be nervous because then the kids will be nervous. Once in a while. We’re just looking forward to getting out of the snow so that’s not really on our minds right now.”

The United Airlines 737 is now being inspected. One passenger is still hospitalized.

At Bradley Tuesday, passengers were more concerned about their planes actually taking off.