Sunny days and cold nights cause icicle danger

AGAWAM, Mass. (WWLP) – We got a bit of a break on Monday from the snow and frigid temperatures we had this weekend, but there’s a danger from the sun warming the snow and ice: icicles. They can be beautiful, but they’re also heavy and sharp, and if they fall and hit you, they can be deadly.

“I think we got some warm weather coming,” said Patricia Slattery of West Springfield.

After a cold and snowy weekend, the sun began to melt snow on the roofs and icicles crashed to the ground.

“It seems like I had a whole lot of icicles just a few days ago and someone took them off for me and today, I look out and they’re huge. They’re really huge,” Frances Pioggia of West Springfield told 22News.

Icicles can be dangerous if you’re standing underneath when they fall.

“They kind of do hurt. I’ve actually been hit before so it’s kind of a danger problem,” said Melvin Tejada of Springfield.

During the day, the sun and warmer temperatures start to melt snow on the roof. But at night, it all freezes when temperatures drop, causing more icicles to form. Agawam Fire Lieutenant Robert Ferrier told 22News older people tend to get hurt worse, and more often, from icicles. He hasn’t heard any reports of injuries yet this year.

“We don’t want you looking up. You’re going to want to take a broom, maybe a roof rake and stand away as best you can and brush across them to knock them down,” Lt. Ferrier told 22News.

“It could be a danger for people with them dropping, but it’s the ice on the ground that’s really dangerous,” said Pat Larkin of West Springfield. She said she wears cleats this time of year after she slipped on the ice a few weeks ago.

Fallen icicles, melting on the ground, can also freeze overnight, causing danger both overhead and under your feet. On Monday afternoon, Holyoke Police Captain Anthony Cerruti told 22news a 98-year-old woman scared her neighbors when she crawled out of her second floor window to knock off the icicles.

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