Overdue video rental leads to arrest

SOUTH CAROLINA (NBC) – A 27-year-old woman was arrested and spent a night in a jail for failing to return a VHS video tape she rented from a store in 2005.

Kayla Michelle Finley allegedly rented that video from a video store in 2005.

She came to the sheriff’s office last week to file an unrelated report, when her name was flagged for an outstanding arrest warrant, for the video.

News of the story spread across the nation. Many blame the sheriff’s office for, “going too far.”

“Our concern is we don’t want the community to think they have a sheriff’s office that is wasting tax payer resources on crimes that may be lower priority than some of the other serious offenses that are occurring throughout the state. This is an incident where she walked into the law enforcement center. Once we found out that information and we were standing there with her we had no choice no alternative but to serve that warrant,” said Chief Deputy Creed Hash of the Pickens County Sheriff office.

Finley was released after she appeared before a judge.

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