Dangerous conditions created by snow and cold

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Road conditions have improved a lot since Friday, but now drivers are dealing with blind spots at almost every corner.

The snow and cold created extremely dangerous driving conditions.

Willie Holley is from Hartford, CT but works in Westfield. He told 22News, “About 2 minutes before I got there, a wreck right there at the exit. Coming back to Westfield to our distributor, three wrecks right there.”

Drivers are dealing with icy spots, and snow piles prevent you from seeing cars when you pull out into traffic.

Snow and ice also covers roofs. If you haven’t cleared snow off your roof at all this winter, another 3-6 inches of fresh snow on top of what we got last week could do some serious damage to your home.

Heavy snow can cause your roof to collapse, and melting snow re-freezes at night, forming dangerous icicles along the roofline.

Lindsey Moran of Westborough said, “It’s just because of all the weather that we’ve been having. There’s somehow a trail of water has formed, and now there are huge icicles coming down the side. We are afraid if we’re taking the dog out, or with the dog, something’s going to drop, and someone’s going to get badly hurt.”

Agawam Fire Lt. Robert Ferrier told 22News you can use a broom or a roof rake to knock the icicles down, but do not pull the icicles toward you, and do not stand directly under the icicles.

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