Wind blows snow as Western Massachusetts digs out from another storm

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – If it’s not the snow, it’s the wind. 22News spoke with residents about how they think this winter compares to previous years. On Sunday, it was just another day of snow-blowing, scraping and shoveling in Western Massachusetts. The third snowstorm in eleven days ended Saturday night, making way for strong winds and bitter cold Sunday morning.

“It was like a tornado through here last night. The wind was howling. At first, I thought it was a tornado because I heard it when I was sleeping and I said, oh, so I ran and looked out the window and said, no, just the snow,” laughed Charles Vatter of Holyoke.

“That’s what makes it hard. Like when you’re shoveling out there and it’s so windy. That’s what makes it really hard, and it’s really cold out,” said Mary Kowaleck of Sunderland.

Saturday’s less than an inch of snow gave a fresh coating to the foot of snow from this Thursday and Friday’s storm, which had filled in any bare spots left from the previous week’s storm. An average winter in Western Massachusetts gets 49-point-4 inches of snow. We’ve already had 42 inches and more than a month left of winter. If we get more than the average 9 inches expected for March, we’ll have more than a normal winter’s snowfall this year.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if we got a whole lot more snow,” predicted KC Scott of Greenfield.

One school teacher told 22News she’s fine with that, wind and all.

“It’s a little deceiving. I did have to bundle up more this morning, but again, I think it’s wonderful. It’s a little brisk and invigorating,” said Amy Helems of Holyoke. Her friend looked at her, responding with, “I think you’re crazy.”

Crazy or not, it’s an optimistic way to view the hassles and beauty of a New England winter.

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