Rated PG-13
2 hours
Joe Kinneman, Michael Keaton, Gary Oldman, Samuel L Jackson

It was senseless re-making the brutal R-rated classic “Robocop” into a play it safe, PG-13 comic strike satire. Without as much as one drop of blood.

It’s even worse making the characters such stereotypes. Only Samuel L. Jackson hits the right note as a flamboyant, right wing TV commentator advocating America becoming a police state with an army of “Robocops” keeping the peace.

Satire soon blends into predictable silliness when business tycoon Michael Keaton prefers profits over science. Keaton forces frightened “Robocop” designer Gary Oldman to market a monster the public can embrace.

This watered down “Robocop” is just a shadow of the original with only a semblance of “Robocops” painful identity crisis. Is he a man or machine? The same can be asked of the guys who wrote the script.

For all of “Robocop’s” suffering, why put us through the misery of sitting through such an inferior re-hash? “Robocop” is an iron-clad clunker wearing a badge that carries only two stars.

The only way to reverse all of its ill-effects is by seeing the original “Robocop” instead.

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