Heavy snow on roofs can turn into big problem

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The snow is piling up and the icicles are hanging low, and all the weight can cause you a big headache.

Roofs across western Massachusetts are had to bear the weight of accumulating snow and ice. It can be a costly and dangerous problem in the event of a roof collapse. Your roof may also leak, or your gutters may be damaged from heavy hanging icicles.

Whatever the case may be, your troubles can be minimized with a few simple preventative steps, including getting some of the snow off your roof with a roof rake, and making sure you get rid of any icicles that could cause damage.

“I’ll hit them with a shovel, but I usually just admire them,” said Tina Kelly of Chicopee. “They grow on my fence and I’m fascinated by the design and nature of the icicles.”

With a few warmer days on the way, we should see some gradual melting.

If you don’t have a roof rake, they might be hard to come by. Many hardware stores and suppliers have already started transitioning their inventory to Springfield supplies.

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